Meco Newsletter - Issue 11 🚀

How to be less bothered ✨ Drama in the chess world ♟️ Social media vs our concentration 📱

Hey, hi and hello!

And welcome to another edition of the Meco Newsletter! This month we've seen drama in the chess world, we learned why it is harder to concentrate and we tried an interesting would-you-rather quiz which caused a lot of passionate debates within the Meco team... Happy reading!

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If you're looking to stop being bothered by the little things in life, then this is for you. Jessica Hagy reminds us that frustration is often optional with 10 illustrated lessons that lead to a more carefree life.

Social media and many other facets of modern life are destroying our ability to concentrate. Journalist Johann Hari explains how we got to the point of an attention crises and how we should reclaim our minds while we still can. Ironically this article takes 15 minutes to read, a true test for your attention span!

Magnus Carlsen, often described as the best chess player who ever lived, has accused a 19-year-old rising star of cheating in an in-person chess tournament. The young prodigy Niemann denied the accusations, but the chess community has been consumed by the drama and come up with some crazy theories on how he could have cheated...

Kevin Cooper tragically died in a kayaking accident aged 14. To say he had achieved a lot is an understatement - he had already published an autobiography, become a thought leader in food and agriculture, started creating a series of children’s books and was also saving money to build a house for his parents and autistic older brother. This is Kevin's story.

A trolley is heading towards 5 people. You can pull the lever to divert it to the other track, killing 1 person instead. What do you do? 74% of people would pull the lever. See how you compare in this interactive trolley-based quiz.

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