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Stop Caring What People Think 😎 The Art of Reading News 📰 Chaos at the Top of the World 🌎

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This week we learn what it's like being caught in a deadly traffic jam at the top of Mount Everest and how to stop caring what other people think. Happy reading!


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📖 5 Great Reads

Despite bitterly cold and harsh conditions, the prestige associated with summiting Mount Everest is enticing for many, regardless of whether they are fit for the challenge. This story details the accounts of climbers who got caught in a deadly traffic jam on top of Everest in 2019. [Read more]

It's part of being a human - an irrational and unproductive obsession with what other people think of you. But with a little thought and perspective we can learn to rein in our self-conscious paranoia and better express our authentic voice. [Learn More]

Rebecca Williams, an ex-exotic dancer and mother of two, helped put some of America's most wanted terrorists behind bars. This piece details Rebecca’s five year stint infiltrating dangerous white supremacy groups. [Read more]

In an age of information overload and fake news, it's important to know how to filter out the noise and find the news that is actually relevant to you. This article provides a few simple heuristics to help you do just that. [Learn More]

Eating the frog is the process of identifying your most difficult task of the day and completing it before you do any other work. Adam Mastroianni questions whether this mindset could actually be causing more damage than good. [Learn more]

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