Meco Reads - Issue 28

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This is your weekly(ish) round up of the best links from around the web, curated by the team at Meco.

Did you know that having a better social life can be worth more than an additional $100k a year in terms of life satisfaction? Or that without the Apollo moon missions, the microwave ovens many of us have in our kitchens or the ready meals millions consume every day, might never have been developed? These are just a few of the insights from todays reads!



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📖 Great Reads

“By far the biggest medical surprise of the past decade has been the extraordinary number of studies showing that the single best predictor of health and wellbeing is simply the number and quality of close friendships you have.”

Given the scientific benefits of friends, it’s vital that we understand what makes a great friend and how we can surround ourselves with more of them. A great place to start is becoming a better friend yourself! [Read more]

In the midst of life's most challenging moments, it's all too easy to get overwhelmed and struggle to cope. But here's the thing: our reactions to stress often make things worse. If we can recognize the common patterns and pitfalls that overwhelmed individuals often encounter, we can save ourselves from unnecessary extra stress. [Read more]

The topic of politics can drive even the most level-headed among us to the brink of insanity. It’s easy to feel resentful to those with differing opinions. It’s equally easy to forget to sense check and update our beliefs every now and again. This article reminds us that becoming more engaged in politics can be great when you have the right mindset. [Read more]

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