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I recently came across an intriguing productivity tip that Ernest Hemingway used to kickstart his workday. Towards the end of each day, Hemingway would intentionally stop writing as soon as he figured out what he wanted to write next.

It would be easy to continue writing, finish the chapter and give himself a sense of accomplishment. However, Hemingway knew that if he could start the next day with an easy predetermined win, he would be buzzing to get to his typewriter in the morning. Even though you (probably!) don’t use a typewriter, this is well worth a shot to boost your morning productivity!

Onto this week’s newsletter - we have some great reads including an old Playboy interview with Steve Jobs, the case for reading more fiction and the rogue story of a man who attended his own funeral.

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📖 Great Reads

Is the ideal life lived or just remembered? This question reminds us that our quality of life as we experience it is actually distinct from the memory of the experience. Due to our cognitive biases we often design our life based on what we will enjoy talking about rather than what we will enjoy in the moment. Scott H. Young suggests some helpful mental habits to help us avoid this common trap. [Read more]

Playboy's 1985 interview with a 29 year old Steve Jobs is well worth a read. This was the same year that Jobs was forced out of Apple and founded NeXT Computer. He shares his enthusiasm for computers and his hopes for the future. Say what you want about Jobs, but no one can deny this man had vision. [Read more]

When I was younger, I rarely ever read any fiction. I thought it was a waste of time. I was too busy reading non-fiction books aimed at improving my life, my business, my relationships, my understanding of the world. Who had time for silly stories?

Mark Manson

An initially sceptical Mark Manson started reading fiction as a way to escape but soon discovered the many seriously under-appreciated benefits of the genre. He shares 3 less considered benefits of reading fiction to encourage you to give it the time it deserves. [Read more]

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