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Best of the best [Part 2] 💥

This is your weekly(ish) round up of the best links from around the web, curated by the team at Meco.


Last week, we hit you with a selection of five of our all-time favorite articles from past issues of Meco Reads. (In case you missed it, catch up here!).

Now we’re excited to serve up five more binge-worthy articles from the archive that will help you learn something new and interesting this weekend.

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📖 The most popular reads [Part 2]

“Instead of measuring your life in units of time, you can measure it in activities or events. To use myself as an example: I read about five books a year, so even though it feels like I’ll read an endless number of books in the future, I actually have to choose only 300 of all the books out there to read and accept that I’ll sign off for eternity without knowing what goes on in all the rest.”

After reading this, it's likely that you'll appreciate special events and important relationships in your life more! [Read more]

Since our time on earth is limited it's important for us to spend it wisely. Mark Manson author of the 'Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck' gives us 7 weird and wonderful questions to ponder which will give you clarity of what's important and where you can make a difference. [Read more]

“The more labels you have for yourself, the dumber they make you.”

Paul Graham is most famous for being the founder of the startup incubator Y Combinator but also writes incredibly insightful essays on startups and life. This super short but high impact piece from Graham explains why discussing topics such as politics or religion often descends into arguments. [Read more]

Ten simple and thought-provoking visuals that will help you take action and understand yourself more. [Read more]

We like to think of ourselves as rational beings who make decisions based on evidence. The reality is that our beliefs are often shaped more by emotional factors than logic. James Clear (author of Atomic Habits and 3-2-1 newsletter) explains why we continue to believe false ideas even when presented with the facts. [Read more]

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