Meco Reads - Issue 33

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This is your weekly(ish) round up of best links from around the web, curated by the team at Meco.


Apologies for the radio silence recently, we’ve been fully focused on cooking up some great new features for our iOS app Meco.

We’ve added the ability to highlight and tag passages in newsletters, save interesting articles for later, add notes and read offline! So if you’re looking to level-up your reading game, retain more knowledge and ultimately become a smarter human you should give them a try!

Without further ado, let’s get to the best articles this week and let me tell you there are some crackers!

Happy reading!


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📖 Great Reads

For the past two years Paul Graham, Y Combinator founder, has been writing and fine tuning an incredibly insightful essay on how to do great work in any field. He describes four steps to achieve great work: 1. decide what to work on, 2. learn enough to get to the frontier, 3. notice gaps, and 4. explore promising ideas. This is a long read but well worth it. [Read more]

Think cobblestone streets, turquoise water, ancient architecture and some incredible views. This roundup of the most beautiful small towns in the world will make you want to quit your job and book a flight… [Read more]

We sometimes forget life isn’t infinite. When you accept that time is our most precious asset, you start to think differently. In his famous 2005 commencement address at Stanford, Steve Jobs commented “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life”. Morbid but true! [Read more]

Take a scroll through some of the biggest product failures through the ages. Some notable flops include smokeless cigarettes, Apple’s forgotten tablet, and the fraudulent blood testing kit from Theranos. [Read more]

David Ogilvy and his agency completely revolutionised the sales of the soap brand Dove on multiple occasions. Life-Changing Concepts newsletter breaks down how Ogilvy approached Dove’s challenges with a very unique and helpful problem-solving process. [Read more]

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🤭 A Bit of Fun

  • How far can you get in this fun and very infuriating password game? My knowledge of Roman numerals let me down…

  • From being in the fifth pine to looking for the cat with three feet to finding your half orange, Spanish is full of delightful idioms. Here are 20 you’ll love!

See you next time!

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