Meco Reads - Issue 34

Stop doomscrolling📱 AI's Oppenheimer 🤖 Burnt out or bored? 🥱

This is your weekly(ish) round up of best links from around the web, curated by the team at Meco.

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New week! New month! What better way to start the month right by diving headfirst into some interesting reads.

This week we learn how to stop doomscrolling, get insight into the background of the most powerful man in AI and learn how Airbnb put a stop to parties.

Happy reading!


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📖 Great Reads

“There is a never-ending supply of information to consume, so we never feel like we have all the information—because we don’t, and we can’t.”

You have a few minutes to spare so you check your phone, twenty-five minutes later you regain consciousness after having scrolled through a feed of non-memorable videos and holiday pictures… We know it’s wrong but how do we actually break the habit? This article explains how psychology can help escape this technology tailspin. [Read more]

Sam Altman, the 38-year-old CEO of OpenAI, knows people are scared of AI, and he thinks they should be scared. His theory is that we need to work together as a society to decide what AI should and should not do. How much do we actually know about the background of Altman, given that he appears to be driving the pace at which AI will enter our collective world? [Read more]

“The absolute amount of work itself has little to do with burnout”.

I’ve always assumed that hectic work environments and heavy workload were the main causes of burnout. Anne-Laure Le Cunff explains that burnout looks very different from person to person and shares different types of burnout to avoid. [Read more]

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